If I don’t know my purpose; I must find it. Purpose of Your Life

AND I MUST FIND IT NOW!  That one simple item will change EVERYTHING!

To Accept myself and others fully and without judgment.   I let go of who I ‘should be’ and embrace who I actually am.  I let go of how religion tells me ‘God wants me to be,’ and Accept that He made me exactly as He wanted me to be.  I don’t honor God by trying to be something I am not.  I honor God by being exactly how He made me.  I Live with the courage to be imperfect.

To Be Personally and 100% Responsible for EVERYTHING in my Life.  If I don’t like it, I can change it.  If a person doesn’t belong in my Life; I let them go.  If I hate my address; I can change it.  I am not a tree.  What I cannot do is complain, blame, gripe, or gossip as these are hallmarks of someone who knows things can be better; but is not willing to take the personal responsibility of making them better.

To never quit.  To constantly clarify what an Abundant Life means to me.  To picture already having that Life and how I will feel.  Intensifying those feelings.  Often.  Persevering no matter what!

To Joyfully live in Authentic Abundance; by Living in Truth, with Love and Respect for all Living things, and to be compassionate, kind, and Loving to myself and others. To be a Beacon of light and Love.

To Live Loud, Openly, Authentically and Courageously; and find an authentic way to Applaud or Encourage every person I meet.

To stand up for what I believe in.  To challenge ideas and viewpoints when they need to be challenged; firmly yet respectfully – keeping in mind that a Person who is wrong is far more important than my Idea, even if right.

To Live in Heaven; now and forever, remembering that Heaven, by definition, is wherever God is.  And God is Love (1 John 4.8).  So I have the power to take Heaven wherever I choose, by choosing to take Love with me everywhere I go.

To have fun doing the most important and enjoyable things I can think of doing.  To Live so purposefully, proactively, powerfully and passionately – that my Life is My Sermon.

And to purposefully design my Life so that five years or less from today, I will be able, with four words, to authentically respond to someone asking me, “What would you do with your life if you could do anything at all?”

 ‘What I am doing.

Purposefully yours,

Scotty b.


About Scotty b.

J. Scot Blackburn is a California attorney. His friends call him 'Scotty b.' Scot graduated from Pepperdine Law School after earning business degree from Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley. Scot runs his own law practice, The Blackburn Law Firm at www.HelpWithMyCase.com. Scotty's interests including reading, football, interpersonal communications, cooking, military history, travelling, golf, and telling near-senseless jokes that only he finds amusing. Scotty's hero is his Grandad, C.C. Blackburn. His favorite movies are The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Few Good Men and The Matrix. His favorite athletes are Roger Staubach, Magic Johnson and Michael "Playmaker" Irvin. Scot's favorite musician is Sebastian Bach (not the German Baroque period composer who shares Scot's initials; but the former Skid Row front man). Scotty created a Board Games Magazine Top 100 Game ("Brain Chain") along with teacher Kris Harter, attorney Alicia Vaz, and graphic designer Roy Ice.

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