I Love this poem by Sylvia Chidi.  It is simply incredible!

by Sylvia Chidi
I seek the truth in you
The weak lie is not you
So speak up, yes you

The truth hurts but it works
The truth simplifies and dignifies
The truth sooths preserving your youth

I ask the truth of you
Cry now, take a tissue
So speak up, yes you

The truth signifies and modifies
The truth is within and the best way to begin
The truth is a good start especially for sweethearts

I need the truth of you
Simply choose your venue
So speak up, yes you

The truth to any degree
Is a starting point to be free
Just like one and two make three
So speak up, yes you
If you agree

Sylvia Chidi


About Scotty b.

J. Scot Blackburn is a California attorney. His friends call him 'Scotty b.' Scot graduated from Pepperdine Law School after earning business degree from Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley. Scot runs his own law practice, The Blackburn Law Firm at Scotty's interests including reading, football, interpersonal communications, cooking, military history, travelling, golf, and telling near-senseless jokes that only he finds amusing. Scotty's hero is his Grandad, C.C. Blackburn. His favorite movies are The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Few Good Men and The Matrix. His favorite athletes are Roger Staubach, Magic Johnson and Michael "Playmaker" Irvin. Scot's favorite musician is Sebastian Bach (not the German Baroque period composer who shares Scot's initials; but the former Skid Row front man). Scotty created a Board Games Magazine Top 100 Game ("Brain Chain") along with teacher Kris Harter, attorney Alicia Vaz, and graphic designer Roy Ice.

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