What if I asked you to help me wash my car and you agreed.

Washing the Car...or

Washing the Car…or “Helping” Wash?!?

You gather a bucket, soap and some rags.  Perhaps you even run to the store and purchase some other cleaning supplies, polish, and come to my house.  You find me in the driveway out by my car. At that point, what if I smile warmly, crack open a beverage, grab a lawn chair, and sit down in the shade . . . while I watch you wash my car?

Did I really want your help washing my car?!?

Of course not.  I didn’t want ‘help.’  I wanted you to do it.

An embarrassingly large percentage of the time I pray, “God, please help me _____________ .” (fill in the blank with just about anything), it is a straight-up lie.  I usually don’t think of it as a lie because I am so thoroughly deceiving myself.  I have told myself I want ‘God’s help.’

But I don’t.

I want Him to do it all for me without having to do any of the heavy lifting or expending any of the effort myself.

– – – – – – –

It is not Non-Believers who give God a bad name.  It is primarily Believers.

It is me.

It is me who gives God a bad name.

Whether I do it consciously or not, I tend to blame God for the circumstances of my Life, bemoan all the negative events and setbacks, and pray to God for ‘help,’ and yet those prayers lack Faith since I continue to Live in fear.

The fear that causes me to procrastinate making the Decision to change.

The Decision that would absolutely change my Life.  The decision that would allow me to live the Life of My Dreams.  The decision that would inevitably lead to my living The Abundant Life!

The fear that allows me to stay in my comfort zone instead of taking the actions required for me to become all that God designed me to be.

The Hand of God (and, no, not the infamous soccer play!)

The Hand of God (and, no, not the infamous soccer play!)

God will help me!

In fact, He may even do it Himself!!

He didn’t ask Israel to help dam the Red Sea.  When Lazarus was “dead tired,” God didn’t ask Laz to contribute anything.  He didn’t even ask Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to wear fire-retardant clothing or invite them to the Statute Party with an invitation that ended with ‘BYOE’ (Bring Your Own Extinguisher).

That’s right, God may well do it Himself!  If I ask Him to do it Himself.  If I ask for exactly what I want; in truth and in faith.

But how can a God of Truth answer my Prayer of Lies?

Wow can a God of Truth answer my Prayer of Lies?

(This post continues in WHO MAKES GOD LOOK BAD:  NON-BELIEVERS. . . OR BELIEVERS? Part 2, or feel free to be notified each time we post new content by clicking the “Follow” button to the right at the top of the page)

Prayerfully yours,

Scotty b.


About Scotty b.

J. Scot Blackburn is a California attorney. His friends call him 'Scotty b.' Scot graduated from Pepperdine Law School after earning business degree from Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley. Scot runs his own law practice, The Blackburn Law Firm at www.HelpWithMyCase.com. Scotty's interests including reading, football, interpersonal communications, cooking, military history, travelling, golf, and telling near-senseless jokes that only he finds amusing. Scotty's hero is his Grandad, C.C. Blackburn. His favorite movies are The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Few Good Men and The Matrix. His favorite athletes are Roger Staubach, Magic Johnson and Michael "Playmaker" Irvin. Scot's favorite musician is Sebastian Bach (not the German Baroque period composer who shares Scot's initials; but the former Skid Row front man). Scotty created a Board Games Magazine Top 100 Game ("Brain Chain") along with teacher Kris Harter, attorney Alicia Vaz, and graphic designer Roy Ice.

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