Feeling good is not about what you get.  It is not about money or status.  It does not have any bearing always-226324_1280 (1)upon your relationships, fame or religion.  Feeling good is about who you are becoming.  

The quality of your Life is determined solely by the emotions you feel.  Money, power, fame, status, religion and even relationships are “middle-men.”  That is all they are.  They are convenient for us to praise or blame as the source or lack of Joy in our Lives.  But if you were the richest, most famous athlete in the world — but always unhappy — your Life would suck.

But the most humble, uneducated person with limited prospects — who is always happy — has a terrific Life!

A large bank account, political connections, or being a famous musician do not bring Joy into your Life.  Although counter-intuitive, they are not the cause of Joy.  They are the Effect.  The amount of money, power, fame or status; the strength of your relationship with your God, or the quality of your relationship with others — are ALL the result of working at something you Love and something that brings you Joy.  And your bank account, Faith in God, and Love with your partner or significant other increases or decreases accordingly.

Ergo, YOU are 100% personally responsible for deciding which emotions to experience.

Many of us will delude ourselves and try to deny the Truth of the above sentence.  We will lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that we were born without the same advantage(s), that ‘you need money to make money,’ our ex- left us in a terrible state, we are drowning in school loans, don’t have connections, are unlovable, or some other equally-ridiculous lie.

Does Money Bring Joy?  Or does progress?

Does Money Bring Joy? Or does progress in our Life?

Everyone else has problems, too.  If you Live in the U.S. and you work at a minimum wage job — you make more money each year than 93% of this planet’s population!  And yet most minimum-wage earners in the U.S. mope around and hang their head like they are unlovable.  We all think our problems are so large and so overwhelming.  No problem exists that others have not had to overcome.  “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”  Ecclesiastes 1.9  No problem is bigger than God. Which means Faith can overcome anything.

So answer the questions below truthfully every day.  Then make a 100% decision and commitment to doing what it takes to feel the way you wish.

Decide now to Live the Extraordinary Life of Your Dreams!

GOD CREATED YOU TO LIVE, not exist, and Jesus came so you could LIVE ABUNDANTLY.  Anything less shows your ingratitude to God and derision for His providing you that Freedom of Choice.  When you settle for less, you cast a vote against God’s government and in favor of the regime proposed by your enemy.

LIVE PURPOSEFULLY AND ABUNDANTLY.  Or live in fear.  But do not deceive yourself:  THE CHOICE IS YOURS, AND YOURS ALONE.  No power on Earth can take God’s Gift of Choice away from you.

  1. How do you want to feel at the end of this day?
  2. How do you want to feel at the end of this week?
  3. How do you want to feel at the end of this year?

Answers these questions and then decide what you need to do to feel like that.  Then do it – whether you feel like it or not.  Don’t let anything side track you.  We often get sidetracked by money, things, complements, insults, religion, promotions, ‘toys,’ and often relationships. . . but NONE of these things will last without PROGRESS.

PROGRESS will make you feel alive.  Progress will make you feel the way you wish.

Perfection, Christians, is unattainable in this world.  Read your Bible carefully…Christians are not called upon to be perfect.  Christians are called upon to progress each day.

Don’t be discouraged because you are imperfect.  That is what being a Human means:  imperfect.  Focus on getting better each day — and your Life will change instantly, dramatically, and forever!

LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.  Not your circumstances.

From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.


About Scotty b.

J. Scot Blackburn is a California attorney. His friends call him 'Scotty b.' Scot graduated from Pepperdine Law School after earning business degree from Pacific Union College in the Napa Valley. Scot runs his own law practice, The Blackburn Law Firm at Scotty's interests including reading, football, interpersonal communications, cooking, military history, travelling, golf, and telling near-senseless jokes that only he finds amusing. Scotty's hero is his Grandad, C.C. Blackburn. His favorite movies are The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Few Good Men and The Matrix. His favorite athletes are Roger Staubach, Magic Johnson and Michael "Playmaker" Irvin. Scot's favorite musician is Sebastian Bach (not the German Baroque period composer who shares Scot's initials; but the former Skid Row front man). Scotty created a Board Games Magazine Top 100 Game ("Brain Chain") along with teacher Kris Harter, attorney Alicia Vaz, and graphic designer Roy Ice.

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