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Nuclear Power:  Embrace it or Fear It

Nuclear Power: Embrace it or Fear It

A nuclear chain reaction generates vast quantities of energy.  Controlled nuclear reactions (i.e. energy plant, ship propulsion) create tremendous power used for great social good.  Uncontrolled reactions (nuclear weapons, Chernobyl, Fukushima Daiichi) produce indescribable wreckage and desolation.

Human feelings are like nuclear chain reactions.  Our feelings are vast storehouses of potential energy.  Feelings have the capacity to stop us in our tracks and mire us in depression . . . or catapult us to accomplish our wildest goals and most daring dreams.  Like a chain reaction, feelings can be either controlled or uncontrolled.  Positive feelings are the result of managing and exercising control over our feelings.  Unchecked and misdirected feelings tend to replicate exponentially.  Left unmonitored, this can quickly degrade to an unstable condition, culminating in a mushroom cloud of untold destruction and misery.  Alas, in both nuclear reactions and humans, a chain reaction that makes it to this final stage damages others in the ‘fallout radius’ and often requires centuries before the surrounding area again becomes capable of sustaining human life.

Of the many ways in which feelings and nuclear reactors differ, however, one of the most important is the ease in which a ‘feelings disaster’ may be avoided.  In humans, the critical step is simple to understand if not always easy to implement: recognizing and accepting that there is no such thing as ‘should’ or ‘should not’ when it comes to feelings.

atom-42601_1280 (1)To manage our feelings requires only recognizing and accepting that there is no such thing as ‘should’ or ‘should not.’

To effectively manage our feelings, we should stop for a moment whenever we consciously recognize a new feeling and immediately  remind ourselves that feelings are neither ‘right’ nor ‘wrong.’  Say something like this to yourself, aloud if circumstances allow: “My feelings are not inherently ‘good’ or ‘evil.’  Feelings say nothing at all about me or the kind of person I am.  Whatever I am feeling does not at all speak about the kind of friend I am, my value as a student or co-worker, how good of a worshiper I am, or my worth as a parent or child.”

Feelings have nothing to do with who we are or our significance in the world.  Feeling just are.

Feelings have nothing to do with who we are or our significance in the world.  Feeling just are. 

Although feelings are a component of every human being, we should constantly remind ourselves that we cannot control or manage the genesis of our feelings any more than we could have controlled or managed whether we were born — or the time, place, or date of our birth.

Once we recognize and accept the above, we can begin the practice of harnessing our feelings.  Once we have observed and wielded our feelings purposefully, we begin to believe that our feelings can provide us enormous benefit.  To continually unleash the power of feelings in the direction we wish, we must only take conscious control of them and manage their vast potential energy wisely.nuclear-34369_1280

Nuclear devastation or limitless energy?

No one can determine your personal ‘nuclear energy policy’ . . . except you.  Our determination must begin with the conscious decision to quit judging our feelings, and to quit judging who we are or what our character is like, based upon the content of feelings we cannot initially control.

In his first letter to the Church Members of Corinth, Paul of Tarsus wrote “I am unconcerned what you think about me . . . or what other people think of me; indeed, I have come to the place where I do not even judge myself.”  I Cor 4.3

Turn off the negative self-talk.  Quit overvaluing what others’ think.   Stop judging yourself based on your feelings.  Like the Apostle Paul, once we discontinue the constant practice of judging ourselves, we will be shocked and amazed at how quickly we can then harness and utilize the atomic energy power of human feelings.  Doing so provides us with an on-demand, and near-unlimited store of energy.

hand-157233_1280Energy that can and will propel you to accomplish whatever you must to find peace of mind.  Peace of mind leads to pursuing your passion, which inexorably results in a fulfilling Life of Love and abundance.

To the fusion of energy and Love,

Scotty b.

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