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This is one of the greatest videos ever made.  Even if you have already seen it, it is worth another look.  Thank you, Jeff!

If you are a Christian, it is always good to be reminded what the first six letters in that title spell.

To True Love,

Scotty b.

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LOVE IS . . .

Christmas brought LOVE like this world had never seen before.

On Christmas Day I think it appropriate to dwell for a few minutes on love. Love brought the Master of the universe to this measly planet for me. If that doesn’t scream “love is a CHOICE”, I don’t know what does.

Someone once said, love is “giving someone the ability to hurt you, but trusting them not to.”  Jesus knew that we would hurt Him, not just while He was here but probably every day that we live! He chose to come anyway….and chooses to love us anyway…everyday…

So that says to me that I am called to love those around me – even if I know that sometimes it’s gonna hurt.

Here’s to loving like Jesus,

Karen b.


Radical Teachings of JesusIn The Radical Teachings of Jesus (a fantastic book that I highly recommend), the author writes:

“Something else reveals much about the [rich, ruling] young man.  He asked:  ‘What shall I do to inherit eternal life?’  You can’t do anything to inherit something.  Inheritance comes because of who you are.  You don’t do anything to inherit eternal life – it’s a gift to those who have a relationship with Jesus, to those who look to Him in faith.  If anything gets in the way of our relationship with Jesus — our skepticism, our pride, our possessions, whatever — we need to let it go and choose to look to Jesus in faith, and live.  Unfortunately, the rich young ruler couldn’t let go of his possessions, and sadly, we never hear of him again.”  Derek J. MorrisThe Radical Teachings of Jesus, Autumn House Publishing, 2009, print at page 46 (emphasis maintained from original)

I think Derek nails this.

But I was reminded of a comment we received the other day:  Paraphrased, the comment pointed out that each of us are the result of the small, seemingly insignificant, choices we make dozens of time every day.  Small choices that lead one person to become Judas while another becomes John the Beloved, and another become Peter, the Rock upon whom Jesus would build His Church.

So, I agree with both the author, above, and our most Avid Reader:  I believe Derek is correct that there is no single grand thing we do to inherit something.  We don’t do some isolated tremendous action to suddenly have a relationship with Jesus (or fellow humans, for that matter).

But I also agree with our Naturally-Talented comment writer that we absolutely DO to inherit something.  We DO to maintain a relationship with God.  We DO to enjoy friendship with other humans — we make choices.  Mostly small, seemingly insignificant choices of spending time with someone – or not.  Becoming greater than we are today — or not.  Associating with a circle of people who help us become more than we currently are — or others who will pull us down.

The choice is ours.

And each day, often each waking hour – we, alone, get to choose anew:  Do I want to become more today than I was yesterday or will these thoughts/words/attitude/mindset/actions make me less than I was last hour.

The choice is ours.

What is clear is that there is no middle ground.  We cannot stay the same in a world of change.  We either make the conscious choice to progress and become more . . . or we stay the same and get pulled backwards with the tide.

Relationships:  Choices that make us or break us

Relationships: Choices that make us or break us

I hope we all choose to be more, to take time for those relationships that strengthen us, to nurture those friendships that uplift us.

I pray we spend a few minutes every day on:

  • 1)  something that sharpens our view of the Truth,
  • 2) something important with or for someone we Love, and
  • 3) something for no reason other than it brings us Joy.

Thank you Derek and Avid Reader.  And thank you, Jesus.

From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.



Who is Jesus?

An adequate answer is beyond the scope of this post.  Perhaps it is beyond the scope of the entire internet inasmuch as the Apostle John tells us that “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” – John 21:25 NIV

Keeping that in mind, however, one of my favorite descriptions of Jesus was made by a man who did not even know Jesus’ name.  The story is recorded in John 5.11 and below is the description in three different versions of the Bible:

But he replied, “The man who made me well said to me, ‘Pick up your mat and walk.’ ” John 5.11 NIV

But he answered them, “He who made me well was the one who said to me, ‘Pick up your pallet and walk.'” John 5.11 NAS

He answered them, He that made me whole, the same said unto me, Take up thy bed, and walk.John 5.11 KJV

Though I am generally not a fan of the King James (primarily because I am not a 17th Century Anglican – and, no, the King James is not “the original Bible” by any possible meaning of that phrase), I love the King James in this instance:

Jesus:  He that made me Whole!

Jesus: He Who Made Me Whole!

Jesus: He Who Made Me Whole!

But whether you prefer ‘The Man who made me well’, ‘The Man who healed me,’ as many versions render it, ‘or He that made me Whole’ – that is a terrific overview of who Jesus is.

It is also a great description of what He is Dying to do in our Lives (pun reverently intended)

May you be whole, healed and well,

Scotty b.

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