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The importance of friendship is something  we all take for granted sometimes.  We often are reminded of the value of our friends when the chips are down and we need someone to be in our corner.

Friendship Life Grand

Friendship is at the Heart of Life

My Granddad always said the quality of one’s friends was the single-best indicator of the quality of one’s life.  Granddad had a three-tier model for the things that bring us joy.  Granddad believed that things like money, power, security, a nice house or flashy car were deceptive “middlemen” – things that we often mistake for happiness – but rarely bring more than fleeting joy.

Granddad populated the second tier with things within ourselves such as our degree of autonomy, self-reliance, confidence and self-discipline.  All of which, in Granddad’s opinion, could restore money, power or a home when these things are inevitably lost in a heartbeat – whether via lawsuit, accident, old age, natural disaster, economic collapse, false accusation or hundreds of other seemingly random events in life.

What Granddad placed on the his top tier . . . is the value that friends bring into our lives.  A true friend brings us comfort, a sounding board, someone to spend downtime with, someone who shares in our thoughts and dreams, a person to laugh or cry with, a trusted source of wisdom and advice . . . and the list goes on and on.   We all need people with whom we can share our deepest secrets and reveal our truest self.



In C.S. Lewis’ novel The Great Divorce the master penman creates a setting where Hell is a place where every human being is completely isolated from everybody else – with the next closest human being miles away.  C.S. Lewis makes a compelling case that Hell is not a place of steam, magma and blazing infernos as we have been taught.  Rather The Great Divorce postulates that Hell is instead any place where Humans lack companionship and friendship.

Every now and again you will find that you face a problem which seems overwhelming.  Having a great friend or companion is often the difference between facing great depression and laughing at the challenge you face.  This is true whether the issue is financial, a problem with your significant other, a complex issue affecting your career, or a fight with your kids or parents.

The best parts of life are those that contain your richest laughter.  Friends are usually a part of those moments.  The more and closer friends one maintains, the more laughter and joy you are likely to experience.   Reach out to a friend today and tell them you love them.

Friends Friendship

Friends Are Awesome

“The best things in life are free. It is important never to lose sight of that. So look around you. Wherever you see friendship, loyalty, laughter and love…there is your treasure.”                                                                      —   Neale Donald Walsch

You can exist without friends; but you cannot truly live without them.

In friendship,

Scotty b.

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NOTE:  This is part II.  Click here to read Part I first.

Whether it’s our job (or job search), or where we live, or the amount of money we make, or the amount of money we have saved, or progress (or lack) towards our goals, our spiritual journey, the car we drive, the way we are raising our kids, how prestigious our home is, etc. etc. etc.  — at the end of the day, we can blame someone or something else, play the victim, and “feel” a tiny bit better in telling ourselves and the world we are not responsible since “that” situation or event caused it.  Or that I could do it except for “this” person.  Or if it wasn’t for this situation, I would definitely . . . .  Or perhaps that event.  Or maybe today it’s the weather.  Or the government.  Or the other political party.  Or my pastor.  Or my religion.

The Wages of Blame

Or . . . maybe its the ‘common thread’ tying all of the above together?

Me??!?  Nah.  Couldn’t be.


How about if we take the laboring oar and decide on a destination?  How about we decide to paddle our boat to that destination, come what may?  How about making a 100% decision that I will no longer complain of rapids or unfavorable winds or waves or sea turtles or that someone else is rich and got a faster boat when they were born.

How about I decide on My Destination and quit worrying about the boat some rich kid has.  After all, if I really wanted to be truthful, I would look around and likely notice that a lot of folk don’t even have boats.  They have an intertube or a piece of cardboard.  And many of them have made it to where they wished to go in life.  And every one of them who did reach their destination made a complete decision that they were 100% responsible for getting to wherever they wished to go.

How about you?  It requires only a simple decision to leave the comforting, but unsatisfying “ors” behind and set off immediately on this Voyage of Your Life.  Do you have the courage?

All we must do to have our dream life, now and forever, is to recognize we have prostituted our lives for our “ors”. . .  ‘Or’ that I could do it except for “this” person.  ‘Or’ this situation . . . .  ‘Or’ perhaps that event.  ‘Or’ maybe today it’s the weather.  ‘Or’ the government.  ‘Or’ the other political party.  ‘Or’ my pastor.  ‘Or’ my religion. ‘Or’ crappy childhood.

Are you really so tied to your life that you won’t even try another approach?

It really is as simple as deciding we are no longer willing to prostitute ourselves for cheap, and making instead, a 100% decision to leave our . . . ‘Or’ House.

It really is as simple as deciding we are no longer willing to prostitute ourselves for cheap, and making instead, a 100% decision to leave our  ‘Or’ House.

I can change.  You can change.  We all can change.  Often immediately.  But invariably in far less time than we ever thought possible.

And what if I am wrong.  What if it is not “quite that easy?”

I don’t know.  Try harder, I guess.  What I know without question is this:  If it is the most difficult thing you have ever done — it will still be a helluva lot easier than dragging that sign around everyday that says, “Look at me.  I’m a victim.  I’m a loser who is so defeated I can’t even admit it to myself what a loser I am.”

The Road is Not Hidden. My Path Not a Mystery. The Only Question is: Will I Choose It?

The worst part is that everyone else sees that sign from miles away.  Every single person.  Like Adam and Eve — we aren’t foolin’ anyone…except ourselves, perhaps.

Now, we try to cover it up by attracting people into our lives who won’t call us out on our B.S.  So, pretty soon our inner circle of friends consists of a whole group of irresponsible, self-deceiving, gossiping, blamers who carry around the same loser sign – but never call out each other for keeping that sign.  But it doesn’t change the fact that every single person in our life knows that we are simply making excuses.  Everyone knows we could be so much more.  Everyone knows we could have so much more.  We know it most of all.  We know we are like Adam or Eve proffering our ridiculous excuses to God.  We absolutely understand we aren’t fooling anybody.  Especially ourselves.  We are ensuring, though, that given some time — every single person we call a friend will suck just as much as we do . . . but at least we all belong to the same code of silence.  No one will call us out on our excuses.  Since we are all asphyxiating in that same mediocrity.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply claim 100% responsibility? 

Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply claim 100% responsibility?

Wouldn’t life be grand if I decide to identify the real issue?  And fix it?  Or am I so utterly delighted in my life of shame, guilt, remorse and the regret of not becoming all I am capable of . . . that I wish to stay as I am and continue carrying around my giant loser sign that is visible to everybody?

What the problem is not:

Excuses and Shame. Or Love and Life. You call that a TOUGH decision?

Starting is the hardest part.  Try as we might, we will tend to blame our ex.  Or perhaps many of our exes.  Or the person we know we should break up with, but haven’t gotten around to it just yet.  We may blame the distance between us, or the closeness. Or their table manner.  Or kids.  Or how they try to dodge responsibility my making lists. We sometimes will point the figure at sex and suggest that it is the realculprit:  And the rapid post-intercourse changes in our relationship makes it seem a viable and legitimate culprit. . .

But no.  It is me.  I am 100% responsible for my Love Life.

But my partner used to be fun, spontaneous, a tad dangerous, mysterious, creative, and unpredictable.  And he used to ride a motorcycle.  She used to weigh 20 pounds less and didn’t require nearly as much makeup.  And she used to like having sex with me on a regular . . .

No.  No, thank you.  It is me.  I am 100% responsible for my Love Life.

He used to be so focused and driven.  She used to work really hard at making our relationship work.  I give the same effort I always did . . . but my partner is slacking off for no reason I can think of.  I understand that in our parents’ day they had to work hard.  It’s easier now, but we all expect those same things now without the same hard work:  A nice car and home is practically guaranteed. . . certainly in the U.S., right?  So why has she given up on our goals?  Why has he jettisoned his passion?  Why is . . .

No!  I alone am 100% responsible for my Love Life.

But why?  Why does he no longer focus on these things with a passion?  I mean, sure, I expect to be entertained by my television for a few hours each day and assume that the road workers will keep the snow swept up so I can make it to my gym, or piano lesson, but so does everyone else.  Although I do see how expectation leads to entitlement, and I know entitlement leads to a lack of effort.  Ok, perhaps we are both giving slightly less effort than when we first met… and pretty soon we are no longer having sex.  And then every thing else starts to fall apart.  But really, s/he is failing a lot more than . . .

Blame or Become Responsible: It is 100% Your Choice.

No!  I have failed.  But I am done failing.  I am responsible! I am 100% responsible for my Love Life.

And what about all my dreams and all the stories we heard as kids of what the “model relationship” should be. I don’t want to give up my Prince Charming meets James Bond plus 10% dangerous, unpredictable bad boy idealization.  I don’t want to settle for less than the Swedish Bikini Team plus Ms. America who does crazy unmentionable things in the bedroom . . . although still a virgin . . .

Oh wait.  I know,  I know.  I can have those qualities . . .all of them.  And more!  But only if

I admit I am 100% responsible and accept 100% responsibility for my Love Life!

Okay.  Fine.  I am in.  Where do I begin?

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From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.

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NOTE: this is Part V.  You should first click the following links to read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV prior to reading this post.


These three words will change your life if you let them.

Stay Focused!

Stay Focused!

Simply declare, “I am responsible!” and you liberate yourself from negative emotions, begin taking control of your life, and short-circuit and cancel out any negative emotions you may be experiencing.  It doesn’t matter how long those negative emotions have unlawfully detained your thoughts, emotions, and well-being.  The moment you declare, “I am responsible!” their reign of terror is ended as certainly as chopping down a tree results in its fruit dying.

Without saying “I am responsible!” to negative emotions; no progress is possible.  Once you start saying “I am responsible!” to negative emotions, there are no limits to what you can be, do, have and become!

There is no such thing as a justified resentment.

There is no such thing as a justified resentment.  Nice people suck and are lonely.  Be kind — hated by some — but beloved by those who really matter.  You can rationalize all day long — or you can be successful — but not both.  Blaming and complaining send the message to your subconscious that it can be idle since you are waiting for someone else to get their act togetherAccepting 100% responsibility demands the most out of your two most powerful motivators:  Your subconscious mind and your emotions.

Will You Follow The Road Sign?

Will You Follow The Road Sign?

Saying “I am responsible!” whenever you start to feel upset frees you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to begin channeling your energies and enthusiasm into a productive response to those negative emotions.  Being 100% responsible propels you in an entirely different, and completely fulfilling, direction.

Accepting 100% responsibility propels you towards the abundant life of your dreams.

Declaring “I am responsible!” is the Truth.  Blaming your parents is a lie.  Complaining about your education is a lie.  Justifying your poor behavior because of your job, or boss, or lack of money:  Lie, lie, lie.  Rationalizing based on your religion, or pastor, or the gossip queen two rows down on the left:  Three more lies.   I AM RESPONSIBLE!

Abundance: Living in Joy, Truth and Love!

Abundance: Living in Joy, Truth and Love!

That is The Truth.  And The Truth shall set you free!

No one else is responsible for your life:  You are!

No one can hold you back or make decisions for you:  Only you can!

So make this decision right now!  “I AM RESPONSIBLE!”

Make this decision right now! –    I AM RESPONSIBLE!



To your freedom,

Scotty b.

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Success: Can You See It?!?

Success: Can You See It?!?

This was Part V.  Click to read Part I, Part II, Part III, or Part IV.

Dawnmarie Presley, C.Ht. spent her valuable time reviewing this series of posts for us and making them better.   As you know, she is a beloved hypnotherapist.  Take action now to become one of those clients who is always raving about the immediate and lasting change Dawnmarie ushered into their life.  Contact her now to set up your appointment at 818.217.6176 or, or review her website at  Dawnmarie will help you even if you don’t live in Los Angeles.  Her telephone appointments are just as effective as her in-office meetings.  Call Dawnmarie now and get your life back on track today!


NOTE: this is Part II.  Click for Part III or Part IV.  Click the following link to read Part I of this post: “Three Words Guaranteed to Instantly Banish Negative Emotions

As we discussed in Part I, happiness is a constant when we are daily engaged in work that excites us, helps others, is worthy of our time and energy, and moves us towards achieving our Life Purpose.  It is a fallacy to believe we are “less happy” or “unhappy” or even that our happiness fluctuates all that much.  What is actually occurring is that our ability to feel that happiness is being dissipated or overcome by one or more of the “six negative” emotions — fear, self-pity, envy, jealousy, inferiority, and/or rage.

It is shockingly simple to remove the offending negative emotion(s) when we consciously identify that one or more of the “negative six” is interfering with our ability to experience happiness.  Once we remove the negative emotion(s) we rapidly return to a state of happiness.

Trojan Horses Rely on Being Undetected

Trojan Horses Rely on Being Undetected

These “negative six” emotions are easy to identity and manage once you understand how they infiltrate our emotions.  The “negative six” camouflage themselves and attempt to enter your psyche undetected inside a host container, which we will call a “Trojan Horse.”

(Referenced in Homer’s Odyssey, the Trojan Horse tale depicts the Greek army unsuccessfully besieging the city of Troy.  For ten years, the virtually unassailable wall encircling Troy protected the city. Trojan warriors atop the wall could rain arrows down upon invaders while virtually no return fire could reach them.  After a decade, the Greek general, Odysseus, had enough.  Odysseus ordered his army to construct a trophy acknowledging Troy’s battle superiority: a gigantic, beautiful, wooden horse.  After building the Horse, the entire Greek army sailed away in defeat.  The elated Trojans pulled the colossal horse into their city and the celebration began!  The victory was hollow, however, because the horse was hollow, too.  Under cover of darkness, the Grecian soldiers hiding inside crept out and opened the gates for the Greek army — who had sailed back to Troy under cover of darkness.  The Greek army entered the city and easily defeated the partied-out city of Troy.

Today, we use the metaphor “Trojan Horse” to describe a ploy where a victim is duped into allowing something unwanted into a susceptible region. Trojan Horse viruses, for instance, infiltrate computers by hiding inside apparently useful software or email.  Once the malicious program slips past the computer’s defenses, however, the rogue binary code is unleashed.)

Are Your Defensive Wall Unassailable to Negative Emotions?

Are Your Defensive Wall Unassailable to Negative Emotions?

How many of us would choose to feel fearful, jealous, or inferior if these emotions just rolled up to us, announced their presence, and asked to be let into our psyche?  “Hell, no!” we would scream as we rained arrows down from our elevated position, easily defeating them.

The “negative six” emotions rarely come at us openly and directly for just this reason.  They, like Odysseus’ army, utilize Trojan Horses instead.  But Trojan Horses are easily defeated because they rely on a complete lack of perception on the part of their victim to have any chance of success.  Had a single soldier in Troy recognized the trap, the result would have been much different.  Instead of the destruction of Troy, Troy would have easily captured two dozen of Greece’s finest warriors.  This result would have also ended the war — but with Troy the victor!

Prevent Trojan Horse Attacks!

Prevent Trojan Horse Attacks!

You, too, can easily be victorious when facing negative emotions.  All that is required is remaining watchful for potential Trojan Horses.  Negative emotions only employ four basic types of Trojan Horses.  Once you are aware of these four, you will be able to instantly spot them trying to infiltrate your emotions and rob you of your peace of mind and happiness.

The Four Trojan Horses of Emotional Apocalypse

1.     Justification.  A human’s default setting is happiness.  I can only experience negative emotions for the length of time that I tell myself I am entitled to feel them.  The moment I quit justifying the negative emotion is the moment it the moment it is expelled.  Soon, my happiness has “miraculously” returned.  Be a ruthless landlord of your emotions.  As soon as you notice some unsavory characters hanging around the apartment complex of your heart, mind and soul – begin the eviction process  by examining why you are justifying the emotion(s).  Try to remember that you are the one feeling crappy; not the event, situation, or other person.  Do you really want to continue feeling fearful or inferior or rage, while they remain completely unaffected?  Remove the justification, and you remove the negative emotion(s) automatically.

No Excuses! Accepting 100% Responsibility for Everything in Life Prevents Negative Emotions!

No Excuses! Accepting 100% Responsibility for Everything in Life Prevents Negative Emotions!

2.     Rationalization. When I rationalize, I am trying to offer a socially-acceptable reason for my unacceptable behavior. That is all I am doing.  I am making up an elaborate fairy tale in my head in hopes it will excuse my poor behavior.  Even if this worked, it is a lot of energy expended to explain my ill-actions . . . even though I still know that I am wrong.  What is worse, though, is that it never works.  People always see through our elaborate rationalizations.  So don’t waste your time and energy.  If you were in the wrong, just admit it.  Your happiness is at stake here, remember?

helmet-309161_1280Click here for Part III or Part IV in this series, or click return to Part I.  If you would like to be notified each time we publish a new post, feel free to “follow” us by clicking the follow button to the right.

To your happiness,

Scotty b.

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I want to thank Dawnmarie Presley, C.Ht., for her valuable time, wisdom and contributions to this series of posts.  Ms. Presley is an incredible hypnotherapist.  Her clients rave about the changes she ushers into their lives. If you want to make lasting changes but haven’t had yet seen the results you desire, contact Dawnmarie now at 818.217.6176 or She usually helps new clients experience permanent change in a session or two.  Don’t live in Los Angeles?  It doesn’t matter: Ms. Presley provides telephone sessions that are just as effective as her in-office visits.  Call Dawnmarie or visit her website at and get your life back on track today!



Find Your Purpose!

Find Your Purpose!

You must have a written, clear, “smell-able” Definite Major Life Purpose .   Your purpose should move you and be worthy of your greatest efforts.  Failing to have one is like failing to have a map or GPS and trying to find a specific house in a city you have never visited before.  It is just not going to work – certainly not without a lot of unneeded stops and starts and asking random people for directions.  Commit to the life you desire by writing down your life purpose right now, signing your name to it, carrying it around in your wallet or purse, and think about it throughout the day and read it aloud at least 3 times each day.  Commit it to memory. This one step will probably be the difference in you living an exciting, adventurous, life of your dreams . . . and feeling like all your best efforts always come up short.



In Chess as in Life, the Masters always think a number of moves ahead

In Chess as in Life, the Masters always think a number of moves ahead

Live Strategically — Make methodical, detailed, long-term plans for your life purpose and the other goals you hold dear.  Review your plans at least monthly and analyze how you are doing and what is working and what is not working.  The Life you want will absolutely materialize if you make your purpose the thing you to which you give the most thought each day, and have good solid plans for bringing it into fruition.  The other great thing about strategic thinking is that it will severely curtail the disappointment and failure you tend to feel when something goes wrong as your plans stretch well beyond this day or this week.  Therefore, you will see failure in its proper place – as the waste of an hour or perhaps a day . . . but a mere bump in the road that will never stop you from getting to where you wish to go.

Incorporate these two items into your life and your dream life will emerge in a shockingly-short duration.

Purposefully yours,

Scotty b.

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This post is a continuation.  You may want to read the initial post, HAVE FUN IMPROVING YOURSELF!, first.  Today’s fun personal development ideas will be people focused.

More Fun Personal Development Ideas

Enlist a Mentor.  As many of the pioneers of personal development often said:  “The easiest road to success is to find someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, and do what they have done.   Think about the people in your life who you look up to. What qualities and characteristics do they possess that you would like to learn?  Decide that you will approach them, and let them know what you admire about them — and ask for their help in adopting some of the characteristics you admire.  There are very few people in this world who will turn down such a request.  As an added bonus, you might find them opening doors for your future that you could never have foreseen or imagined.

Pick Great Friends!

Pick Great Friends!

Take a Closer Look at Your Friends. Now that you have networked with someone on the outer perimeter of your social circle, look at those closest to you.  We all have amazing qualities.  Demand of yourself the discipline to start really paying attention to the awesome qualities of your family and closest friends.  Let them know about those qualities and ask them to teach you how to acquire those characteristics you admire.

Eliminate Hatred in Your Life.   Only in the last few years has science really begun to understand how damaging it is for us, as humans, to carry around hatred.  It does nothing to punish the object of our hate.  Instead, it wrecks our life, saps our vitality, and crushes our dreams.  We devastate ourselves and our future — and usually the other person doesn’t have a clue how we feel.  Decide now that you are not going to let ‘hate’ zap any more of your vital energy or destroy your peace of mind.  Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to destroy an enemy . . . is to make him a friend.”

 “The best way to destroy an enemy . . . is to make him a friend.” – Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President

Abundance: Living in Joy, Truth and Love!

Abundance: Living in Joy, Truth and Love!

If you do anything of importance with your life, there will be people who oppose you and say mean things about you.  It is so seductively easy to hate them back.  It is also toxic quicksand.  It not only damages you, but it is probably a more difficult habit to break than heroin.  It seems incredibly hard to love these folks in return for their hate.  But it is rewarding on a scale like almost nothing else in life.  Being able to forgive and show love to those who despise you reminds you that you are 100% responsible for your life and fills you with peace.  Who most hates you?  Take actions, right now and send them an email or text.  Apologize if you have been wrong.  Humble yourself to them.  Show them love. See if you can find closure on past arguments.  If they refuse, make the decision to love them all the harder.  Why?  Because it is now they who are suffering…and that sucks as you know.  But being free of your attachment to hatred is liberating and infuses you with peace, joy, truth, and love.

With love,

Scotty b.

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Self-Actualization in the Military

A well-written post on a matter of great importance. Thank you, Steve.

Scotty b.

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Steve Rose PhD

2014 Patrol Pathfinder Course

Abraham Maslow said self-actualization is “…to become everything that one is capable of becoming,” which sounds very similar to the old U.S army recruitment slogan, “Be All (That) You Can Be.” My interviews with Canadian Veterans of Afghanistan support the idea that the military can facilitate self-actualization; the problem is that this can often contribute to issues among individuals leaving the military who are unable to maintain this high level of self-actualization due to the relative lack of self-actualizing institutional supports in civilian life.

As stated in my previous reflection on self-actualization, the concept has been overly individualized and we need to recognize that it must be achieved by engaging with the world rather than from over-introspection or reading self-help books. Do an image search of “self-actualization” and you will see a common theme of solitary individuals, usually on mountain peaks. Distinct from the image of liberated mountain meditators…

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Don’t be one of the majority of humans who spends their entire life trying to live up to their parent’s expectations, or what society attempts to mold them into. Don’t become what your boss or job demands of you.   Definitely don’t turn into the person your pastor or religion insists is proper.

None of them are going to die on YOUR deathbed. You are.

None of them are going to intercede for you at the “Final Judgment.”  You must give your own account of how you spent your life. And Why.  And none will live with the innumerable regrets that you failed to become want you always dreamed and what you most wanted.

We will.

That’s not a typo: We, the other 8 billion of us who share this planet with you, We will regret that choice.

Luckily This Man Didn't 'Play It Safe' or He Wouldn't Have Revolutionized The World.

Luckily This Man Didn’t ‘Play It Safe’ or He Wouldn’t Have Revolutionized The World.

We will regret the fact that you were supposed to find the cure for cancer…but you became a lawyer . . .  because your mom insisted you go to law school.

We will regret you didn’t save an innocent person from the death penalty…because all the men in your family became doctors.  So you did, too.   Even though you really don’t care that much for medicine.

We will regret the fact your leadership could have ushered in world peace…but your religion teaches that only bad people seek fame and power. So you didn’t run for president.

We will lament that you did not become who you are.

We are all designed for greatness: whether on the grandest world stage – or ‘merely’ being an excellent mom, awesome co-worker, nurturing wife, and the neighbor where all the kids want to hang out.

Maybe you are a dreamer.   Not the hard worker and meticulous student. DREAM!

Maybe you are not serious and responsible. Like most musicians. PLAY and SING!

Maybe you feel going to church or synagogue each week is a waste of time. THEN HONOR GOD AND GO DO WHAT MAKES YOU COME ALIVE!! Do you really believe God is so small and petty that He wants your forced ‘allegiance.’ He could have compelled that if He is truly God.   Instead, He gave you free will.   Why? Because He wants you to be FREE! He wants you to become…whoever YOU want to be.

And you are not free if you are pursuing your life on the basis of what someone else wants. Quit living your parent’s or pastor’s or boss’ life. It is time to live your life!

Be 'Secure' or Who You Really Are?

Be ‘Secure’ or Who You Really Are?

I know, I know: You have to. You need that “secure, safe career” and that corporate cubicle where you don’t make a difference, but it’s what you should do so you can ‘be secure.”

NEWSFLASH:   There is NO security in this world.   Your job, spouse, kids, home, freedom . . . everything could be gone at any instant. You KNOW this is true. The only security that exists is knowing you showed up. That even when life tried to pummel you, you weathered the storm on Your Terms. Doing exactly what You Wanted To Do.

Remember, the people telling you how to live your life are telling you what they think would bring you happiness.

But only you can decide what makes you happy.

Choose wisely.

From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.

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This was Part 1 of 2.  Continue by reading Part 2 – BE HAPPY:  BECOME WHOEVER YOU WISH!


NOTE:  This is part two of two.  You should first read “Was Jesus the Worst Prophet Ever?

In part one we described how Jesus of Nazareth was either seriously future-vision-challenged . . . or perhaps we have not fully grasped what He meant when He described His mission in John 10.10 as “to give humans Life.  And to give them Life in Abundance.”

So What is Abundance?

Abundance is a mindset.

Abundance is a mindset of peace and a life lived so confidently in God and Self that no matter what challenge, circumstance, or event happens — even if your family lives in . . . Australia, say . . . and your friends all abandon you.

And the IRS wrongfully seizes all your assets.

And you get fired from the job you love.

And you are served with divorce papers.  Or receive the telephone call informing you a Loved One has died.  Or your doctor confirms the worst after your last test.

You know those times.  It seems all the lights in the world have gone out and the world is a very bleak and dark place.  You can actually feel the dark  pressing down upon you and you wonder if you will ever get out of this cave.

Abundance is knowing that is exactly when you and your God shine the brightest.  It is Living in the Certainty that you and God have been here before and you probably will be back here again.  And you and God always manage to get out in one piece. . . to bond, and to have some fun together while you were doing it!  Ahhh, Life is Good!

Abundance is not faith that God has the ability to do something.  Living in Abundance is Living with the certainty that She will do it.

Does Money Bring Joy?

Does Money Bring Joy?

Yes, I know.  You wanted season tickets to your favorite sports team and music venue.  And a promotion at work.  And some credit from your kids once in awhile.  It wouldn’t suck to have a tad more money, a mansion, and some fame, either.

Despite what you might have heard whispered in your Church, you can have all these things.  Jesus is often unfairly misquoted as saying “money is the root of all evil.”  He never said that.  Never!

Jesus came to Save the world, not to condemn it. - John 3.17

Jesus came to Save the world, not to condemn it. – John 3.17

J.C. proclaimed that the “Love of money is the root of all evil.”  And in doing so, the Wise Carpenter reveals one of the most profound Truths about human life.  We do indeed need a house, we need money, and perhaps we even need some status and fame if we are actually going to make disciples of all nations.

None of those things are wrong.  Money is not evil.  Fame does not equate to being self-centered.  Power . . . well, okay, power you have to be pretty careful with . . . but it is not inherently evil.  Just Seductive.  But, the Truth is Jesus promised all of these to you.  Even Power.  “Great Power” in Truth.  He knows we will never be perfect in this Life . . . and yet He trusts us with “Great Power.”  He is Dying for you to have all of these thing.  In Abundance.  It was His Purpose in coming to this planet!  Be clear on that:  He wants you to live in abundance.

And you know why we immediately think of wealth, a nice house, and a fast car as indicia of abundance?  Because someone living in Abundance almost always possesses all of those material trappings.

But those material things are not elements of abundance.  Fame, fortune, and status are the certain by-products of Living in Abundance.

Abundance: It it a Mansion on the Lake? Or something else?

Abundance: It it a Mansion on the Lake? Or something else?

And that is the hilarious irony of abundance:  The person who Lives in Abundance does not need any of those showy possessions or material trappings.  He or she usually possesses them because they naturally flow into your life when you Live in Abundance.

But a person Living in Abundance is absolutely confident that  they possess everything they need to live, within them.  The Abundant Life is a life of self-reliance and one firmly rooted in a deep, meaningful relationship with God.  And a Life where everything is designed to further the purpose that God gave them in this Life.

Look at Joseph’s life, Daniel’s, or King David’s:  these men possessed the same grit and determination to Live Authentically and be true to their purpose at every point in their Life.

It mattered not whether they were living as shepherds or captives  . . . or a potential midnight snack for some hungry felines.  They Loved God and pursued their purpose exactly the same whether dealing with Potipher’s Wife or Nebuchadnezzar’s forgotten dream.  They lived exactly the same when their fortunes improved, each becoming one of the very highest of the elite of the ruling class of a dominant world civilization.  In those period of their lives, each possessed power, fame and money beyond the dreams of avarice.

Abundance: Living in Joy, Truth and Love!

Abundance: Living in Joy, Truth and Love!

And, yet, they lived the same as they always had lived:  In simple yet confident peace, joy, truth and love.

They lived in Abundance.

They lived in Abundance.

May you Live Abundantly,

Scotty b.

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NOTE:  This is part one of two.  Click here to read part two:  “What is Abundance?


Is This Abundance?

Is This Abundance?

We all want it.  But for most of us, Abundance seems elusive enough to make the Scarlet Pimpernel jealous.

Christians believe that the founder of their religion promised it to them.  In fact, Jesus claimed that His purpose in coming to this planet was:  That humans might have Life, and have it more abundantly. – John 10.10

Jesus was clearly the absolute worst prognosticator that Planet Earth has ever seen.  How many Christians were put to death by the Roman Empire within a couple of centuries after Jesus was here?  That doesn’t sound like Someone who came “to give them Life.”

How many Christians do you know that “Live in Abundance”?  I have an incredible Church, and yet some weeks we sound like we have nothing better to do than gripe and moan about our poor lot in life.  That doesn’t sound like Abundance.

Could This Dude Predict the Future Better than Jesus?

Could This Dude Predict the Future Better than Jesus?

We can deduce only one of two things from this:  If Nostradamus and Jesus of Nazareth have conflicting prophecies, go with El Costa Nostra!

Seriously:  Jesus couldn’t have been more off on both sides of the “Abundance Prophecy!”  If J.C. told you the Cowboys were a lock to win their next game in Washington D.C.; you should sell everything you have, borrow as much as you can, fly to Vegas, and bet it all on the Redskins!

Or, perhaps, I will choose “Promises that Great People Have Made That I  Don’t Fully Understand, for $1,000, Alex.”

There would be very little Jeopardy of hearing George Alexander Trebek respond with something materially different than:

“Answer:  Commonly thought of as fortune, fame, status, and material security; what word actually describes a mindset of such confident faith in God and Self; such that one possesses complete peace of mind and lives continuously in joy, truth, and love?”

Luxury?  Or Abundance?

Luxury? Or Abundance?

Abundance, as Jesus employed the word, means living authentically and in harmony with one’s purpose and principles.  Despite what us Christians often preach…it does not mean living perfectly.  Just Authentically and True to Our Beliefs.

Abundance:  Living Authentically and in Harmony with our Principles.

NOTE:  This post is part one of two.  Click here to read part two:  “What is Abundance?

To Your Abundant Life,

Scotty b.

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