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Find Your Purpose!

Find Your Purpose!

You must have a written, clear, “smell-able” Definite Major Life Purpose .   Your purpose should move you and be worthy of your greatest efforts.  Failing to have one is like failing to have a map or GPS and trying to find a specific house in a city you have never visited before.  It is just not going to work – certainly not without a lot of unneeded stops and starts and asking random people for directions.  Commit to the life you desire by writing down your life purpose right now, signing your name to it, carrying it around in your wallet or purse, and think about it throughout the day and read it aloud at least 3 times each day.  Commit it to memory. This one step will probably be the difference in you living an exciting, adventurous, life of your dreams . . . and feeling like all your best efforts always come up short.



In Chess as in Life, the Masters always think a number of moves ahead

In Chess as in Life, the Masters always think a number of moves ahead

Live Strategically — Make methodical, detailed, long-term plans for your life purpose and the other goals you hold dear.  Review your plans at least monthly and analyze how you are doing and what is working and what is not working.  The Life you want will absolutely materialize if you make your purpose the thing you to which you give the most thought each day, and have good solid plans for bringing it into fruition.  The other great thing about strategic thinking is that it will severely curtail the disappointment and failure you tend to feel when something goes wrong as your plans stretch well beyond this day or this week.  Therefore, you will see failure in its proper place – as the waste of an hour or perhaps a day . . . but a mere bump in the road that will never stop you from getting to where you wish to go.

Incorporate these two items into your life and your dream life will emerge in a shockingly-short duration.

Purposefully yours,

Scotty b.

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