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To be a victor in Life, you must think you are victorious.

Once you can think it is True, you might dare to believe it is true.

And once you have faith, anything is possible!

Grow Your Faith and You WILL Become Victorious!

Grow Your Faith and You WILL Become Victorious!

So go boldly with the victorious attitude, sweeping past obstacles.  Be a conqueror in appearance, in bearing, and successThink, walk, talk, and act as somebody on the verge of enormous success!  Carry yourself with a grand aim and mission in Life.  Believe you are a Person of Importance and let it radiate from you.  Be a good advertisement for the winner you are becoming.  Your body language convinces the world; and you.  Unless you appear to be a conqueror, you won’t be.  Make congruent how you carry yourself, who you desire to be, and how you will feel once you are that person.

Onward!  Victory awaits,

Scotty b.

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Thoughts are Things.  And those things are powerful.

Thoughts are Things. And those things are powerful.

There is no way around it — we absolutely become the product of our dominant thoughts. It is therefore critical that we monitor our self-talk and ensure it is always positive and affirming.

The ancients believed there existed four, and only four “types of things” in the Universe:  Matter, Energy, Time, and Space.

This was actually a great theory and amazing they came up with it hundreds of years before Christ.

But it is always some nerdy smart guy, who has to go and screw everything up (usually the annoying kid in second- or third-grade who first proclaims a tomato is, in fact, a fruit.  Everyone laughs at him until the Teacher confirms he is correct…)

Enter Al Einstein who dropped E=mc² on us.

Cool hairdoo, Al!

Cool hairdoo, Al!

(I am not a science person, either. . .but this is a bad-ass book if you want the 4-1-1 on the world’s most famous equation.  Uh, my apologies to Sir Pythagoras…but I am afraid if C² = Fame; then your A² minutes equals five and your B² minutes equals ten.)

Awesome Equation.  Awesome Book.

Awesome Equation. Awesome Book.

Among other things, what Alberto’s equation tells us, is that E (Energy) EQUALS M (Mass) times C (The speed of light) squared.  Or, Energy and Mass can be converted from one form to the other (if you have the right workshop, tools, materials, etc).  In fact, this equation astounded the scientific world because it proved that there is a finite amount of ‘stuff’ in the universe.  And this ‘stuff’ exists as either mass or energy.  E=mc² tells us neither mass nor energy can ever be used up, destroyed, or even depleted — attempting to do so merely produces the equivalent amount of the other (multiplied or divided by light speed, of course).


Fair enough.  For us non-scientists that really doesn’t mean a whole lot. . .except that it messed up the whole ‘there are four basic types of things in the universe’ philosophy.  Thanks to Professor Einstein’s E=mc² brain child we could no longer continue to classify energy and matter as ‘elemental’ since one could produce the other.  Now there were only three “elements.”

And, yet, science was convinced that there was a fourth element.  They just did not know what it was.

Only in modern times do we know.

And the answer was startling clear.

And intuitively correct.


Thoughts ARE INDEED things.  And they determine the course of your ENTIRE life.  Because you will always become the product of your dominant thoughts.

You will ALWAYS become the product of your dominant thoughts.




It is the way you were designed.

Think well!

Scotty b.

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