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To be a victor in Life, you must think you are victorious.

Once you can think it is True, you might dare to believe it is true.

And once you have faith, anything is possible!

Grow Your Faith and You WILL Become Victorious!

Grow Your Faith and You WILL Become Victorious!

So go boldly with the victorious attitude, sweeping past obstacles.  Be a conqueror in appearance, in bearing, and successThink, walk, talk, and act as somebody on the verge of enormous success!  Carry yourself with a grand aim and mission in Life.  Believe you are a Person of Importance and let it radiate from you.  Be a good advertisement for the winner you are becoming.  Your body language convinces the world; and you.  Unless you appear to be a conqueror, you won’t be.  Make congruent how you carry yourself, who you desire to be, and how you will feel once you are that person.

Onward!  Victory awaits,

Scotty b.

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