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NOTE:  This is part two of two.  You should first read “You Can Be Anything in Life…Once You Decide To Not Be Who You Are Supposed To Be

In part one we described how much the rest of this planet will miss your contribution(s) if you elect to become what your parent or priest or teacher or religion wants . . . instead of what you want to be.

But I want their approval.

You want them to be proud of you? Your friends and family are going to be proud of you when you are living in such a fashion that you are content and fulfilled. And if they are not, they don’t deserve the title ‘friend’ or even ‘family.’ And what happens when you cure cancer, or win the Nobel Peace Prize, or Pulitzer, or discover a new animal species, or invent something that revolutionizes the world. . . you think they are not going to be proud then?!

And, uh, you aren’t going to do any of those thing ‘being a good little worker bee,’ trudging in to a little job you hate, in your tiny little corporate cube each week. Doing work that you can’t stand.  Just to “make a living.”

But let’s be clear:  You are just “making an existence.”  Working at something you don’t love is most certainly not “making a living.”

I know it takes courage to quit and find something you love.   Especially when it seems like everybody wants you to “play it safe.”

Thomas Alva Didn't 'Play It Safe.'

Thomas Alva Didn’t ‘Play It Safe.’

I am sure Edison’s friends and family told him to ‘play it safe’.

But in daytime, of course, since people couldn’t socialize at night before he invented the light bulb.

MJ Changed Entire Industries!

MJ Changed Entire Industries!

I am sure that’s what Michael Jordan’s friends and family told him after he got cut from the basketball team his first year in high school.

Before he revolutionized the game, team sports in general, and the athletic apparel industry.

I am sure ‘play it safe’ was advice that Martin Luther King, Jr. heard many, many times.

But mostly from African-American folk. Since back then we openly, notoriously, and chillingly discriminated against people based solely on the amount of pigment in their skin.

Dr. King Didn't 'Play It Safe!'

Dr. King Didn’t ‘Play It Safe!’

Luckily, for all of us, the Good Reverend “Had A Dream” and he would not be silenced. Not by the nay-sayers. Not by those who wanted him to “play it safe.” Dr. King’s voice couldn’t even be silenced by a cowardly assassin’s bullet.

I promise you that if Dr. King was given the choice to live to a hundred years of age doing a ‘corporate job’ he hated or die in the prime of his life doing what he loved. And what he knew needed doing.  And what he knew God had blessed him and designed him to do.

He would choose the assassin’s bullet without hesitation.

How do I know that?   Because Dr. King got to live before he died.

We are all going to die. Every one of us. Though we don’t know the exact day, we know that day is coming. The real question is not whether we are doing to die.   Or when that day will be.

The real question is:   Will we choose to live before that day arrives?

We are all going to die. Every one of us. Though we don’t know the exact day, we know that day is coming. The real question is not whether we are doing to die.   Or when that day will be.  The real question is:   Will we choose to live before that day arrives?

My hope and prayer is that you choose wisely.

From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.

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Don’t be one of the majority of humans who spends their entire life trying to live up to their parent’s expectations, or what society attempts to mold them into. Don’t become what your boss or job demands of you.   Definitely don’t turn into the person your pastor or religion insists is proper.

None of them are going to die on YOUR deathbed. You are.

None of them are going to intercede for you at the “Final Judgment.”  You must give your own account of how you spent your life. And Why.  And none will live with the innumerable regrets that you failed to become want you always dreamed and what you most wanted.

We will.

That’s not a typo: We, the other 8 billion of us who share this planet with you, We will regret that choice.

Luckily This Man Didn't 'Play It Safe' or He Wouldn't Have Revolutionized The World.

Luckily This Man Didn’t ‘Play It Safe’ or He Wouldn’t Have Revolutionized The World.

We will regret the fact that you were supposed to find the cure for cancer…but you became a lawyer . . .  because your mom insisted you go to law school.

We will regret you didn’t save an innocent person from the death penalty…because all the men in your family became doctors.  So you did, too.   Even though you really don’t care that much for medicine.

We will regret the fact your leadership could have ushered in world peace…but your religion teaches that only bad people seek fame and power. So you didn’t run for president.

We will lament that you did not become who you are.

We are all designed for greatness: whether on the grandest world stage – or ‘merely’ being an excellent mom, awesome co-worker, nurturing wife, and the neighbor where all the kids want to hang out.

Maybe you are a dreamer.   Not the hard worker and meticulous student. DREAM!

Maybe you are not serious and responsible. Like most musicians. PLAY and SING!

Maybe you feel going to church or synagogue each week is a waste of time. THEN HONOR GOD AND GO DO WHAT MAKES YOU COME ALIVE!! Do you really believe God is so small and petty that He wants your forced ‘allegiance.’ He could have compelled that if He is truly God.   Instead, He gave you free will.   Why? Because He wants you to be FREE! He wants you to become…whoever YOU want to be.

And you are not free if you are pursuing your life on the basis of what someone else wants. Quit living your parent’s or pastor’s or boss’ life. It is time to live your life!

Be 'Secure' or Who You Really Are?

Be ‘Secure’ or Who You Really Are?

I know, I know: You have to. You need that “secure, safe career” and that corporate cubicle where you don’t make a difference, but it’s what you should do so you can ‘be secure.”

NEWSFLASH:   There is NO security in this world.   Your job, spouse, kids, home, freedom . . . everything could be gone at any instant. You KNOW this is true. The only security that exists is knowing you showed up. That even when life tried to pummel you, you weathered the storm on Your Terms. Doing exactly what You Wanted To Do.

Remember, the people telling you how to live your life are telling you what they think would bring you happiness.

But only you can decide what makes you happy.

Choose wisely.

From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.

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This was Part 1 of 2.  Continue by reading Part 2 – BE HAPPY:  BECOME WHOEVER YOU WISH!


Metal Joy Truth Love


Comparative Item



How most used: Adjective Noun
Definition: 1.  Pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.2. Characterized by or indicative of pleasure, a happy mood.3. Favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky: a happy, fruitful land.

4.  Quick to use; as a trigger-happy gangster or gadget-happy techie.

1.  Delight caused by satisfaction2. Source is usually something or someone greatly valued or appreciated:Her prose style is a pure joy.

3.  The expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.


Synonyms: Fitting, opportune, pertinent, cheerful, merry. Satisfaction, contentment, well-being.
Source: Something outside oneself.  Achieving or purchasing something desired, pleasure resulting from healthy or unhealthy choices, being praised by boss for something done at work. A state of being derived from within.  Living in gratitude for what one possesses, satisfaction from developing good habits or healthy lifestyle, a general increase in career aptitude.
Emotional Frame: Exhilaration, excited, triumphant. Contentment, satisfaction, peace of mind.
Time Frame: Momentary Long-Term
“Fruit of Spirit” No. Yes, after Love  (Gal. 5.22-23)
Example: Favorite team wins a championship; someone complements you on the clothes you are wearing, buying a new car, winning the lottery The team you coach showed improvement all year, you have worked hard to improve your style, you are grateful for having a car; giving birth to child (although almost always resulting in UN-happiness during labor)
Created by: Luck, fortune, chance, external events, beating an opponent at a game or sport, being favorably compared to someone else, victory, winning. Increasing Love and Truth in Life, working hard at something important, improving daily without comparison to others, prayer, gratitude, meditation.




Saved Joy Truth Love

Yes!  There is a difference.  Although we tend to use these words interchangeably, they are worlds apart. Happiness describes a temporal emotion which can come and go faster than you can read this post.  Joy describes a long-term state of being

Happiness is external. It’s based on other people, circumstances, events and things that are not in your direct control. Happiness is linked with your hope for a promotion, or your love interest liking you back, or your favorite team beating the Eagles.  Your happiness, or unhappiness, depends on how closely your expectations match reality.  If “how things should be” is different then “how things are” – you will be unhappy.

So if your year-end bonus exceeds your expectation, that will make you happy.  You are sad when you don’t receive one.  You will be happy if your dating interest seems genuinely anxious to spend time with you.  But sad when she flakes on your big date.  You are happy when Tony Romo throws 5 touchdowns and Philly ‘Fears the Star.’  You are unhappy when the network switches to ice skating in the third quarter because the Eagles are up, 47-3.

Joy, however, is internal.  It is present in the Lives of those who know their Truth and possess an abundance of Love.  Joy exists even when one is unhappy.  A good example is a soon-to-be-mother who is unhappy while in the pain of labor, but joyous to deliver a beautiful child.  There are times when life is filled with sorrow and even misery (unhappiness), but it is still great to be alive. (Joy)

Joy in Nature and AbundanceThere were two dudes wrongfully sent to prison.  There were no windows.  You couldn’t walk around.  You were shackled underneath the Town of Philippi until you died.  Faced with this unbearable reality, these guys burst out singing.  Why?  Because they couldn’t help themselves.  They Lived in Joy and thus complete freedom.  They were not ‘happy’ to be in prison.  But prison was merely a circumstance.  In didn’t define them.  They lived in Truth and in Love, and thus Joy was their reality!

Complete Freedom is Joy.

Silas and Paul understood that complete freedom is joy.  They knew that gratitude for what one has – instead of covetousness for what one lacks, makes all the difference in Life.   A Joyous state produces a fulfillment and satisfaction with life that cannot be shattered or shaken.  Joy, true joy, never depends on a number in your bank account, the current weather conditions, or what model car you drive.  To live in joy, is to consistently think about the person we wish to become and take daily action to become that person.  If we do, we will find joy, peace and freedom. . .

. . . whether we are on top of the world . . . or chained in a cold, bleak, dank, hopeless, lifeless prison.

Life will chain you in that Philippi prison every now and then.  When we lose someone we love,  a relationship ends, or the inevitable struggles and frustrations of this world occur.  The best way to regain your joy is to take a few minutes to reflect on the things for which you have cause to be thankful.  Gratitude is an incredible joy producer.

And burst out in Joyful singing!

From my heart to yours,

Scotty b.

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